New Yorker by Klara Landrat

Wether you hail form the city or have just lived there you already know that it put a spell on you and you can’t deny it. The city has its power you can’t ignore and can’t escape it’s almost like you are forever doomed to miss it if you choose to live elsewhere such as me, at least for now. And you forget about the weather and the pace because you simple can’t not forgive for it has so much in its store. I remember quite clearly when Caleb Karr said that “New York is a city of multiple realities and partial comprehensions. “  and John Updike “they the true New Yorker secretly believes that people living anywhere else have to be, in some sense, kidding. One thing for certain you know you grasp that sense of belonging, sense of freedom, sense of life itself! 

“I love New York, even though it isn’t mine, the way something has to be, a tree or a street or a house or something, anyway, that belongs to me because I belong to it. Truman Capote.  

“I was in love with New York. I do not mean ‘love’ in any colloquial way, I mean that I was in love with the city, the way you love the first person who ever touches you and never love anyone quite that way again.” Joan Didion.  


From the photoshoot for a bag brand in NYC shit by Zack Ashley. 


Hong Kong 🇭🇰 by Klara Landrat

When in Hong Kong besides visiting the Peak and checking out the Hong Kong Harbour at sunset its worth to splurge in fashion at its best in this Asian hub of luxury.  You can aim for designer brands in the super mall - Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui or Times Square in Causway Bay but if you looking for off beat authentic local and else designers and art aim for Central. Here I’m sharing a story on Joy Wang the owner of incredible silk hand made Haute Couture kimonos and a yoga master. If you can define her style would be eclectic, avant- garde and feminine. She is the ultimate Hong Konger and currently works out of New York City where she showcases her kimonos, accessories and yoga classes.  But she ships her kimonos all over the world and if you can’t order online you can attend her multi fashion pop ups she is doing in Tulum, Mexico or Wonder Fruit in Pattaya, Thailand. 

Please check her website: 

or Instagram:

Here I present you her most impressive designs all shot in central Hong Kong  by by me for Imirage Magazine:


Photography by Klara Landrat


Photography by Klara Landrat.

Editorial for Kaygod Magazine, NYC by Klara Landrat

Here I’m sharing with you my latest collaboration with London designer Chanel Joan Elkayam who not only has created the stunning outfits but also photographed me for both Kaygod Magazine, NYC and Bevie Magazine, Austin, Texas. 

Here our magical concept shot on the beach in Jaffa, Israel. The Mediterranean Sea blue waters and breeze made a perfect setting for a long day shoot. The collection shown at the Milan Fashion Week SS2018 is available though Chanel’s website:



Photography and fashion design :



Tuscan experience in Jerusalem Hills by Klara Landrat

When you think of vegan, gourmet and top shelf wine with a Tuscan flair you think of FLAM Winery located in Jerusalem Hills. The views were breathtaking, the service was impeccable and the Top Vegan Chef- Avital Sebag was present! 


We were served a 7 course vegan dishes set on a long Tuscan table overlooking the view of the valley. Just in time for a chilled glass of wine which was aboundant to satisfy the needy crowd. From Cabernet Franc, Merlot to Chardonnay, and Brut chilled Rosé. All from this amazing boutique family run winery- Flam. Combining the traditions of South Africa Flam wines converge into one definition: exquisite! 




Roza Sinayski the it blogger of Israel- owner of Moody Roza :

and the creator of the cuisine and event - Fierce woman Chef Aital Sebbag :


Roza with the Rosé. 


Trendy patterns for garden parties. Wearing silk dress by Emilio Pucci:


Flam Winery wine. 


Vegan Gourmet. 


Tuscan setting. 

All Photography by: Klara Landrat. 


STOP WOMEN ABUSE by Klara Landrat

This is a new and important project I’m currently working on in regards to women abuse. I started working on this documentary with the incredible woman producer Dr. Anhurada Umarji who along with Dr. Gautham Kaychapp created a social issue awareness movement in India. As we know the issue of women abuse has been present for some time especially if we think of #metoo  events. This case is related to the verbal, physical and emotional form of abuse so deceptively concealed. The producers decided to present it in a documentary under the title “Stop Abusing A Mother” as Mother is the symbol of all femininity. I have shot the movie with the director and photographer Daniel Arom in the local desert. I felt the desert would correspond to the feeling of vastness, empowerment and infinity. Something women could relate to in the search for direction. On the other hand I feel it also represents the feeling of loss and delusion. Fatamorgana for instance is the false image of an oasis in the desert that the wanderer sees after days of journey in the desert. There is no oasis yet the movie suppose to be that real life oasis - a new beginning. We are currently launching the project in India 🇮🇳 and I’m planning to reach the audience in Los Angeles and here in Tel Aviv. For anyone interested in getting involved please email me: 

We are hoping to reach global audiences eventually to help raise the awareness of the cause. 

Below our project featured in the Entertainment section in Times Of India.

For a trailer please go to:

When in doubt wear Diesel by Klara Landrat

Here  in a collaboration within Diesel brand I picked my favorite boyfriend denim with a slaughter flare! I often wonder when is NOT a good time to wear a classic baby blue wash. There is no ! I often pair it with my favorite white shirt which I picked up in Hong Kong 🇭🇰 or for winter I love to wear it with my black faux fur vest and white rubbed turtleneck. I think the perfect jean is the girl’s  best friend! You can downgrade it or upgrade it whatever the choice! That’s what I love about it - the versatility and comfort! 

Jeans: Diesel :

Red is the new black by Klara Landrat

Being a Newyorker it’s easy to immediately be drawn to black. Living in LA, Hong Kong, and now Tel Aviv gave me a chance to see and wear color! So don’t be in fear or panic. Red is the next big thing! Here wearing fabulous knit sweater from Avant Toi your next cashmere destination from Italy 🇮🇹 you can check out their Instagram : 

And website: 🔥🌹


Avant Toi Cashmere Sweater in Crimson.  


New York Fashion Week by Klara Landrat

Back in a day... NYFW was as exiting as it is now... here I share with you a cool show I waked for - Lourdes - wearing a silk halter gown, black cocktail dress and added couple of backstage shots.  We actually had to get up at 3 am as the call for hair and make up was 4am!!! I remember how everything moved so quickly, erratically to put on this incredible display. One thing I regret I didn’t have enough confidence in me to continue... I felt driven towards acting and art in general. About that time I enrolled into Hunter College CUNY program to follow my dreams. I still model, I still act never stopped creating! You have to always follow your heart ❤️. Dreams are not a fantasy, we live in them we share them and we are part of them! 

Strong Women by Klara Landrat

I was told years ago during Milan Fashion Week that if I stopped eating I would look better. I was told that I’m not tall enough to be on the runway then I was told I have a vitiligo on my leg so I can’t be a model, I was told that after turning 30 I will never be a model again! And I was told that Models can’t act so I can’t be an actress. GUESS WHAT?!!! I have turned ALL THAT into building my new self! Just walked a Fashion week in Israel, shot 4 editorials and 3 campaigns. And I’m working with two major agencies. Completed 2 movie projects one with the support of Bridgette Bardot. After some vulgar and nasty messages on social media from abusive men I have told the story in a movie which is now produced in India 🇮🇳 to raise awareness of women abuse! BECAUSE NO ONE CAN TELL YOU WHAT YOU’RE NOT!!! You can turn the hate into love! You can be whatever you want! You can be fierce and unstoppable with all your imperfections! Because you ARE A WOMAN! 🔥🔥🔥 from the campaign for @cje_official with the photography by @cje_official assistant @jde_photography #fashioneditorial #campaign #milanfashionweek #mfw #ss2018 #nyfw #lfw #londondesigners #chaneljoanelkayam #klaralandrat #actress #model #womenempowerment #women #womenartists #creativewomen #modeldiaries #israel #telaviv #newyorkers #fashionphotography #toughandtender #womenissues


Editorial for Kaygod Magazine, NYC. 5/2018.  Photography: Chanel Joan Elkayam.


Editorial for Kaygod Magazine, NYC. 5/2018.

Photography: Chanel Joan Elkayam.


Campaign for See You Israel Swimwear:


Editorial and Campaign for Chanel Joan Elkayam:

Photography: Chanel Joan Elkayam.


from Haute Couture SS 2018 by Shams Shaloufi, Israel.

Photography: Nabel Hakim.


Memories of Silence by Klara Landrat

I often wondered if anyone is ever ready to publish. What is that even mean? We as women are often downturned by circumstances and muddied by the environment. Yet if there’s a spark in us it’s a flame! Writing is  a silent prayer one can turn to when nothing responds. It’s a quiet consolation, an undisputed dialogue we constantly seek. When I was little I wanted to write and write and write... I wrote a book about a Pegasus - called “Red Pegasus” which was my way of dealing with tough childhood and then an XVI cc. romance set in France during the revolution. None of the manuscripts survived but at last I have picked up a pen. So I decided to just let this bird fly... my new “chapbook” which is a mini poetry book will be coming out soon. “Memories of Silence” are my little journeys I took for the last few years from Paris, Hong Kong, LA and New York. I suppose you could call it a way to calm your madness. Deal with it on the inside. I hope it will inspire you to write! There is so much chaos we can transform into pages... I couldn’t thank more my close friend Bella Vendramini - a truly gifted writer - who encouraged me dearly. Who is your inspiration? Do you have a favorite poet? I’m obsessed with; Wallace Stevens, Giuseppe Ungaretti, Juan Ramon Jimenez, E.E.Cummings, E. Dickinson, Anais Nin, R.M.Rilke, Sappho, Maya Angelou, Mary Oliver, Rupi Kaur, Adrienne Rich, and so many others... 


For more please check out this link to be eternally inspired  : 

Vacation destinations -Cambodia by Klara Landrat

When  you think of the possible destinations you think of Capri, Saint-Tropez, Koh Samui, The Hampton’s, Miami, Paris, Rome, costa Del Sol, but not Cambodia... well that’s about to change since I’ve been there and couldn’t tell you how much I was smitten. The country is beautiful, friendly, easy to commute and with spectacular islands and temples. Must is the stay in Siem Reap with its busy streets and phenomenal restaurants and shops. The atmosphere is international, vibrant,  A visit to a nearby located Angkor Wat complex let you visit thousands of years old temples woven into the surrounding jungle. However the real gems are in the south of the country on the shores. Koh Rong and picturesque mini resort island of Koh Rong Samloem. The beautiful few island resorts are superbly quiet with a view of the turquoise seas and flour white sands. 

Vanessa Baranes Swimwear Collection SS2018. by Klara Landrat

Recent photo shoot for Vanessa Baranes, who is one of the leading swimwear designers in Israel. And as we speak we got a confirmation for a publishing for Salysé Magazine in the USA. 

Great line with a sexy twist with amazing colors and patterns. check out the new collection SS 2018.