Vacation destinations -Cambodia / by Klara Landrat

When  you think of the possible destinations you think of Capri, Saint-Tropez, Koh Samui, The Hampton’s, Miami, Paris, Rome, costa Del Sol, but not Cambodia... well that’s about to change since I’ve been there and couldn’t tell you how much I was smitten. The country is beautiful, friendly, easy to commute and with spectacular islands and temples. Must is the stay in Siem Reap with its busy streets and phenomenal restaurants and shops. The atmosphere is international, vibrant,  A visit to a nearby located Angkor Wat complex let you visit thousands of years old temples woven into the surrounding jungle. However the real gems are in the south of the country on the shores. Koh Rong and picturesque mini resort island of Koh Rong Samloem. The beautiful few island resorts are superbly quiet with a view of the turquoise seas and flour white sands.