When in doubt wear Diesel / by Klara Landrat

Here  in a collaboration within Diesel brand I picked my favorite boyfriend denim with a slaughter flare! I often wonder when is NOT a good time to wear a classic baby blue wash. There is no ! I often pair it with my favorite white shirt which I picked up in Hong Kong 🇭🇰 or for winter I love to wear it with my black faux fur vest and white rubbed turtleneck. I think the perfect jean is the girl’s  best friend! You can downgrade it or upgrade it whatever the choice! That’s what I love about it - the versatility and comfort! 

Jeans: Diesel : https://global.diesel.com/summer-essentials-woman/lowleeh-084vd/00SRIK084VD.html?dwvar_00SRIK084VD_color=01&t=m