STOP WOMEN ABUSE / by Klara Landrat

This is a new and important project I’m currently working on in regards to women abuse. I started working on this documentary with the incredible woman producer Dr. Anhurada Umarji who along with Dr. Gautham Kaychapp created a social issue awareness movement in India. As we know the issue of women abuse has been present for some time especially if we think of #metoo  events. This case is related to the verbal, physical and emotional form of abuse so deceptively concealed. The producers decided to present it in a documentary under the title “Stop Abusing A Mother” as Mother is the symbol of all femininity. I have shot the movie with the director and photographer Daniel Arom in the local desert. I felt the desert would correspond to the feeling of vastness, empowerment and infinity. Something women could relate to in the search for direction. On the other hand I feel it also represents the feeling of loss and delusion. Fatamorgana for instance is the false image of an oasis in the desert that the wanderer sees after days of journey in the desert. There is no oasis yet the movie suppose to be that real life oasis - a new beginning. We are currently launching the project in India 🇮🇳 and I’m planning to reach the audience in Los Angeles and here in Tel Aviv. For anyone interested in getting involved please email me: 

We are hoping to reach global audiences eventually to help raise the awareness of the cause. 

Below our project featured in the Entertainment section in Times Of India.

For a trailer please go to: